St. Stephanus Molina

The detail of monastic choir setup represents a picture of a monk, painted on canvas and fixed to the wooden board. Examination of the UV induced fluorescence didn’t disclose any

Fragment of a Map

An iconographic representation of Vilnius city has been discovered in a detail of a Roadmap of Czech Republic, also called Mappa mundi. It is the earliest known iconographic source, dated

St. Virgin Mary Patron of Jesuits

The wall painting of Vilnius University libraries P. Smuglevicius hall has been investigated during the restoration works. The aim of the research was to identify the state of paint layers,

Roman society visits the ruins of Titus thermae

The artwork has been examined under infrared and ultraviolet radiation, infrared „false colour“ analysis has also been carried out. Several traces of earlier restoration detected, previous mechanical damages of the

St. Apostle Paul

St. Paul’s icon is one out of seven discovered façade decoration icons, in total there were 9 of them. All of them painted on zinc plate support, which is a

Icon „The Lord Almighty“

The examination under infrared, ultraviolet and x-rays revel traces of several earlier restorations. The icon was fully repainted during one of them. After the repainting some details has been changed

Set of designs for stage decorations

Set of designs for stage decorations consists of 8 sketches for different operas, operettas and ballets. The reflected infrared photography revealed underdrawing, which is present in all of them. Almost

Archeological finds from 16th – 17th century

Unidentified archeological finds discovered next to the remains of ancient oven. Made of metal, with remains of textile and wood. X-radiograph reveals the shapes of metal objects, we can distinguish

St. Virgin Mary with Child Jesus

Examination under ultraviolet and infra-red radiation revealed traces of earlier restorations, as well as changes in format and underdrawing. Reflected IR photography shows authors drawing under paint layer, it doesn’t

St. Virgin Mary with Child Jesus of Trakai

Carried out examination of UV fluorescence, reflected IR photography and x-radiography revealed authentic paint layer details underneath currently visible surface. Changes in composition of Mary and Child faces, as well