St. Virgin Mary with Child Jesus

Examination under ultraviolet and infra-red radiation revealed traces of earlier restorations, as well as changes in format and underdrawing. Reflected IR photography shows authors drawing under paint layer, it doesn’t

St. Virgin Mary with Child Jesus of Trakai

Carried out examination of UV fluorescence, reflected IR photography and x-radiography revealed authentic paint layer details underneath currently visible surface. Changes in composition of Mary and Child faces, as well

Winter Landscape with a Windmill

The aim of examination was to specify artwork’s attribution and possibly date it, characterize the state of authentic paint layer. Traces of earlier restorations have been detected with UV fluorescence

Our Lady of the Rosary

The artwork was examined before restoration, in very poor condition – with no stretcher, deformated, paint and primer layers falling from the support canvas. Examination in IR, UV and X-rays